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Gastronomic tour in Azerbaijan 6 days/5 nights    
Baku – Ismaili – Qabala – Sheki – Baku

The art of wine-testing is as ancient, as the wine-making itself. This incredible adventure is the very sacred moment, in which a person becomes acquainted with wine, learns all secrets of its storing, recognizes kinds of wine, identify all shades of color and smell, to deservedly appreciate its taste.
Degustation – is not just technological process: it is art, science and mystery. But it’s not correct to think, that secrets of wine-testing are accessible only to devoted ones. Any person can learn, how to correctly taste wine, but if one wants to understand, how it works, not only needs to learn rules – it is necessary to feel the might of wine, imagine it, make work correctly all of your sense organs and of course, possess some knowledge with some time. Degustation doesn’t tolerate haste, it requires a lot of time and attention.
If you drink wine like water, you’ll not feel even tenth of what can a really good wine give.
Day one         
Arrival in Baku
Meetings at the airport with nameboard
Transfer to the hotel
Free evening

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Day two    Baku
Breakfast at the hotel
Meeting with guide at hotel’s lobby
09:00 – Sightseeing of “Icheri Sheher” (Old city) – medieval part of Baku, that is guarded by UNESCO: - visit the “Complex of Shirvanshah’s Palace” museum (XV c.), ancient mosque of Muhammad (XI c.), ancient baths and residential construction, “Mart”, Caravanserais “Buxar” and “Multan” (medieval guest houses XIV – XVI c.c.), “Giz Galasi” (Maiden’s  tower) – the most ancient construction of Baku, that maintained since the times of Zoroastrianism (fire worship)
12:30 Dinner at national restaurant: national meals are soup “Dushbere” (So-called Azerbaijani dumplings – with half the size than usual. In Azerbaijan it says, that “Dushbere” is cooked by mistress, who has a lot of time, - because this meal needs time and painstaking work) and “Saj ichi” (Saj – is the tastiest meal from Azerbaijan cuisine, that is made of lamb, veal and chicken. It’s cooked on of the same name frying pan)
14.00 Moving to Novkhany village and visit to “Fireland” wine enterprise. Today a factory, where 115 employees work, produce over 22 sorts of wine, wherein 60% of production  make base line of wine, 30% - premium, 10% - top wines.
17.00 Return to Baku. Walking tour with sightseeing Baku’s era of “First oil’s racket” – walking tour, that lets you get acquainted with the history and architecture of Baku’s XIX – origin XX c.c. (Istiglaliyyat street) – Nizami square and fountain square, Baku’s wharf – Seaside boulevard-park)
Supper at national restaurant: At first evening, you’ll taste “Dolma” from the grape leaves. (Dolma is counted as the queen of all Caucasian dishes. Dolma – is a dish, which depicture itself as grape leaves, filled with minced meat) and Arishta pilaw. (This is one of a few variety of pilaw. Arishta – is a holiday’s dish, which often served on national weddings
Return to the hotel
Day three    Baku – Ismaili – Qabala
Breakfast at the hotel
08.00 Check - out. Meeting with guide at hotel’s lobby
08.30 Moving to North-West regions of republic “Azerbaijan winery” (Shamakhi – Ismayilli – Qabala – Sheki)
Arrival in Ismailli city, visit, degustation and acquaintance with variety of wines “Chateau Monolith”. “Ismailli Wine” is from Alishan series, table, pink, half-dry 0,75 l. Made from grape sorts of Cabernet Sauvignon and Matrassa, grown in unique mountain micro zone, nearby Gideyli village, on 850 m. height, over the sea.
The vineyards are planted on the southern slopes of the mountains, dominated by gray-brown alluvial soils
Dinner on the wine enterprise’s territory “Chateau Monolith” with further wine-testing.
Moving to Qabala city (out. 40 km)
Short excursion program in Gabala area (Mausoleums complex/XV c. /near Hezre village, near “Yeddi Gozel” waterfall (Seven beauties) and “Nour” mountain lake’s panorama in Rusken village’s area)
Visit to the «Aspi winery» winery and  “Savalan” wine-testing. It is here, away from the noise of industrial civilization - in the heart of Savalan plain, surrounded by the river Turia tea - these growers diligently cultivate the land and produce wines, that can satisfy the most demanding fans. Here is the legendary mountain, a magnificent monument of nature, covering the area from all winds, and being called the "Sleeping Beauty", which became a symbol of Gabala region. Transfer to the hotel, free time.
Supper at national restaurant with food-testing of regional cuisine, to be exact “Dash Arasi” (kebab in old furnace)
Day four    Qabala-Sheki (70 km)
Breakfast at the hotel
Free time to relax in the spa area of the hotel "Caucasus Resort"
12:00 Release of the rooms and check in Sheki (70km.).
Meet your guide in the hotel lobby. Moving to the city of Sheki
13:30 Arrival in Sheki.
Supper at national restaurant, in which you try to Sheki dish "Petey" - is the national dish of Azerbaijan. The dish takes its name from the vessel in which it is prepared. “Piti” - a small clay pot 1 liter, in which they are preparing a national dish “Piti”. Piti always added peas, chickpeas. Basically Piti prepared from mutton, but no less delicious Piti is derived from beef. Piti can be a first course and a second, it all depends on the amount of liquid broth, which will remain in the finished dish. 15:00 After lunch visit "Agro Investcom” Sheki winery and wine tasting line of "Chinar"
17:00 Excursion tour in Sheki city: Examination of historical and architectural complex "Yukhary Caravanserai" (XVIII-XIX c.), acquaintance with the work of local artisans and craftsmen, panorama of the city from the mountainous part, inspection of the mosque "Omar Effendi" (XIX c.), the ramparts and towers of the medieval city (XVIII-XIX c.), Palace of Sheki Khans (XVIII c.), round Albanian Christian temple, museum of folk art (IX-XVI centuries), familiarization with the exposition of the local history museum. Supper in “Chalabi Khan” national restaurant. This evening for you will be cooked Azerbaijan pilaw "Sebzi govurma" (pilaw with meat and herbs)
In Azerbaijan kitchen, there are several dozen recipes pilaw, one of the most popular and beloved is Sebzi Pilaw.
Translated from Farsi "Sebzi" means "green" and can refer to the green and to the vegetables. Azerbaijan Sebzi pilaw cooked greens and meat. The main herbs used in this pilaw is, an exotic herb called "Kever". Kever – is an Azerbaijan name of fragrant onions (so-called this herb in Russia), but in the world it is known as "Chinese Onion" (Chinese Leeks) or "Garlic Onion" (Garlic Chives). To taste onion tastes like a slight garlic flavor, and in fact is not being so much green as much a vegetable. After supper, accommodation at the hotel.
Day five    Sheki-Baku (out. 350 km)
09.00 – Breakfast at the hotel
Check – out
Visit to the east bazaar
Return to Baku on Muganli’s passing.  Once again, you’ll see unforgettable scene of Big Caucasus’s chain of mountains
13:30 Short stop for dinner in one of the restaurants
17:00 Arrival in Baku. Check – in at the hotel. Short wind down at the hotel
19:00 Set-off to the farewell supper in the national restaurant “Caravanserai” with program show (restaurant with national coloration, Azerbaijan cuisine meals/ “Kutab”, “Pilaw”, “Kebab made dish” on vertical ramrods)
21:00 Evening excursion “Baku’s lights” Route: “Azadlig” square – Musical academy – Heydar Aliyev’s palace – Rashid Behbudov street – Bakikhanov street – Inshaatchilar and Huseyn Javid avenue –  Square near Nariman Narimanov’s monument with stop to see the evening Baku’s view – Istiglaliyyat steet – Niyazi street –
Return to the hotel
Day six    Baku - transfer to the airport
Breakfast at the hotel
Check – out from hotel.
Possible to visit east  bazaar, to acquire fruits, vegetables, spices, caviar, tea and etc.
Transfer to the airport

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